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It's been another busy year for Fenco in all areas of the business as foundries look to a better future.

Machines and Dies
We have delivered several large dies from our partner Co-Stamp, and have more to come later in the year. We also have a new Italpresse diecasting machine arriving soon, and we are following up on a very interesting gravity automation project.

We have new die release agents just coming out called¬† the 3620 range which feature new wax blends and polysiloxanes. These address the issues of build up while still adhering to the synthetic formulations which provide such good release and finish and all are made 100% in house. Also 3414, which is a new heavy duty Zinc diecasting specific, release agent. Our current dry plunger lubricant, ‘DCG’ is still making in-roads and bringing new converts due to its performance (this might also have something to do with the price, which is competitive to say the least!).

Our graphite based products are selling really well especially for extrusion in the Far East, in countries like Vietnam, Taiwan and China, and another full container of the Lo-smoke branded products left here again this week. 

Other Consumables and Paints
Our heat treatment stop off paints for nitriding and carburising have continued to grow with new customers again this year, which is a pleasant surprise, when we consider how mature the market is. And dont forget we still do all the ‘bread and butter’ consumables, like ladles, anti solder wax, silver grease, colloidal graphite in oil, hand spray guns etc., plus we also have spares for all our spray nozzles and spray guns.